October, 2014: I am excited to announce that I have been cast as Yeshua's (Jesus) Mother, Miriam (Mary) in a Music Video to promote and raise money for a revival of the wonderful musical Rabboni, which played Off Broady to rave reviews, and written by the talented Jeremiah Ginsberg of Jeremiah Theatricals. I am honored to have performed in 3 of the 4 shows written by Jeremiah, and his wife Wendy Ross Ginsberg.


The first show I did with Jeremiah and Wendy, was the musical Mendel and Moses (FL). I was another Miriam, Moses' sister. In one of my numbers, I had to scat-sing! Imagine, an opera singer scatting! Hey, it's just coloratura, with doo-bee-doos. Thank goodness Jeremiah had written the notes and rhythms. What fun I had singing that number. I also had a ball singing and tap dancing with George Comtois (West Side Story, Broadway original cast), the song Leeks, Onions, & Garlic, to Carolyn Yancey Paddock's brilliant choreography. One weekend I had to suddenly step into the role of Moses' wife Zipporah, while still performing Miriam. Mendel and Moses also reunited me with my dear friends, fantastic soprano Melody Kielisch Aristo and her husband, fabulous tenor Giorgio Aristo, for Giorgio was the Pharaoh in Mendel and Moses. I met Melody and Giorgio in a wonderful production of The Merry Widow, where I sang and danced Valencienne, Melody was the Merry Widow, and Giorgio her former lover Graf Danilo.


The second Jeremiah Theatricals show I did was, The Time of Mendel's Troubles, at the Off Broadway Beckett Theatre. I was the Rabbi's wife, Minnie Ben Mordecai, and also one of Beelzebub's gang, Lalapalooza. Since the show had never been done before, I had a wonderful time creating those 2 roles. The show was filled with a cast of extremely talented performers. Carolyn once again was the choreographer, and Peter Fuchs conducted.


The third show, was a staged concert premier of their operetta Esther, Sweet Esther (NJ). I was Esther's Handmaiden. The cast was abundant with wonderful singer/actors: George Comtois, Denny Hollowell, Darcy Morrison, Madeline Stern, DeAnn Trimarchi, Stephen Len White, Jeremiah Ginsberg Chrostopher Regan,and once again Carolyn Yancey Paddock was the choreographer, and Peter Fuchs conducted.


The extremely talented Christopher Regan, who created the role of Beelzebub, in the Off-Broadway production of Rabboni, will once again be Beelzebub, in the up and coming Music Video. I am so thrilled to be performing with him again, and to be working with Jeremiah and Wendy on this exciting project! I soon can officially say that I have performed, at least a section, of every show the Ginsbergs have written thus far. What an honor!


July, 2014: I finally join the 21st Century and build my own website with the help of my dearest friend Lary Daggett. In the meantime I'm hanging in there (see photo) while I finish editing the recording of my One Woman Show, I Feng Shui-ed My Suitcase at Millrose Music.