For years people had been telling Sheila Wormer that she should write and perform a one woman show, since her talents on stage are so diverse, and her stories of being a performer intriguing.  Finally, Sheila accepted the challenge, and thus 

I Feng Shui-ed My Suitcase was born. 


I Feng Shui-ed My Suitcase is a full two act show, lasting approximately 2 hours (applause and laughter can change the exact time) with an intermission. This self contained show can play any size theater, from a cabaret setting to a 3,000 seat auditorium, and the testimonials from audience members attest to the fact that the show has a broad range of appeal to people of all ages and musical tastes.


This is a backstage tour of what life upon the wicked stage is like, through singing, dancing and monologues. I Feng Shui-ed My Suitcase is a one woman tour de force, that gives the audience a behind the scenes view, taking them through the trials, tribulations, joys, and humor of a traveling performer, and subsequently the frustrations of having and keeping a love life.


 The show starts off with only a grand piano, a table, and a coat stand on the stage.  The stage manager and the music director come on stage, and the audience gets a view of what goes on behind the curtain before a show starts.  Sheila enters dragging an enormous suitcase, and throughout the show she pulls out of the suitcase, numerous props and costumes that aid and transform the various numbers.  From opera, to Broadway show tunes, to sultry torch songs, to dance, Sheila weaves her story as the audience journeys with her through laughter and tears.  At the end of the show, the suitcase is packed up and put back in feng shui-ed order, and Sheila exits, once again dragging the suitcase---this time, with the knowledge that the audience has been uplifted and transformed, and thus, she is home.


It has been said of Sheila that she is a combination of Maria Callas, Barbara Cook, Bernedette Peters, Elaine Stritch, Julie Andrews, Sandy Duncan, Meryl Streep, and Chita Rivera, yet she is uniquely, Sheila.  Her mission in life is to touch and heal souls through love and song, and throughout

I Feng Shui-ed My Suitcase she encourages and inspires the audience to go for their dreams and teaches them how to feng shui their suitcases.


I Feng Shui-ed My Suitcase has played to packed houses and standing ovations, with audience testimonials stating they would come again and again.  Don’t miss this show---Don’t miss this journey!


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THEATER REVIEW:                 


 Sheila Wormer Starring in “I Feng Shui-ed My Suitcase”


NEW YORK, Oct. 7—Last Friday, October 1, music was in the air and a communion of souls gathered to experience the dynamic unfolding of the gift that was Sheila.  How wonderful to be in the presence of one of your own, truly living their soul mission.  Her gutsy energy combined with honest self-reflection, served as a model to anyone searching for their inner voice.  The stage was sparsely furnished with only a piano and a suitcase, but from the moment she stepped on stage, the vastness of her voice, spirit, and very being, filled the empty spaces.  You couldn’t help being caught up in the rhythm and movement that made this life so special.


Amongst the filled to capacity crowd at Dillon’s Restaurant and Lounge, were staunch supporters of Sheila’s work…  We were all moved to tears and once again, helped raise the Kleenex stock price.  From show tunes to opera, from childhood to womanhood, her story truly captured the range of her trials and victories.  Not to mention the provocative, striptease and belly dancing that punctuated the staccato rhythms of “Razzle Dazzle” written by John Kander, whose lyrics emphasize that “you’ve got to hold their attention, anyway you can”.  The stillness of “Send In The Clowns”, permeated the air and transformed us to another place and time, where each of us found our connection with the spirit of the song, and together with her, were able to release unfulfilled expectations.


Congratulations Sheila




April and Gisele



SEXY---COOL---HOT---INTRIGUING--STUNNING---Sheila Wormer in "I Feng Shui-ed My Suitcase"

THE 'MUST SEE' SHOW OFF BROADWAY!!!!!! Claudia David---New Zealand



Sheila Wormer's one woman show "I Feng Shui-ed My Suitcase", is filled with spirit, emotion, love, and total entertainment from beginning to end! SHEILA'S PERFORMANCE IS REMARKABLE AND UNIQUE!!!!! She evokes heartfelt emotion with her words and voice, as well as engages the audience with a well written script describing her celebrations and tribulations of her life. As audience members, we experienced a myriad of emotion from joy to sadness, and laughter to tears. Sheila not only performs, SHE TOUCHES YOUR SOUL, minute to minute. She is a professional performer who independently wrote, performs and directed this one of a kind show! WE WOULD SEE IT AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!! Laura and Brad Friedland---Philidelphia, PA



There is a fire emanating from her that glows far beyond the stage lighting.

She turns a hand, hits a note, and she and the audience are transformed.

You feel you are being led into a secret about the world...

You are given a backstage tour view from the clouds.

She is timeless, a suitcase sage, a glittering geisha,

A magical diva that you want to drink in and savor.

by Marlene Hodgdon---NYC, about Sheila Wormer in "I Feng Shui-ed My Suitcase"



SHEILA WORMER is a true diva in every sense of the word: Magnetic, Sassy, Brilliant, a performer who Commands Attention. Her one woman show depicting her life was so moving, uplifting, mind-expanding and truly inspiring. Her kind heart combined with her HUGE talent makes it impossible to take your eyes off of her and is a powerful combination. I suggest going to see this masterpiece not once, but many times over. She will surpass all your expectations. PLUS SHE IS ONE HOT MAMA! She is a light warrior, dedicated to healing through the power fo her voice. I think everyone must be lucky enough to experience her show at least once. Meredith Geller---NYC



SHE CAUGHT ME BY SURPRISE!! I was not expecting the Broadway quality and style of Sheila Wormer's one woman show "I Feng Shui-ed My Suitcase". From her bird like soprano melodies to her throaty deep down renditions of some of Broadway's most spectacular heart felt songs which brings warmth, smiles, tears and laughter to the entire show---not to mention the riveting monologues as she expresses her journey through show business. I WOULD SEE IT AGAIN IN A HEART BEAT!!! SHEILA IS AMAZING AS SHE TOUCHES AND HEALS PEOPLE THROUGH HER MUSIC!!!  Peter L. Eyl---NJ---Life Coach and friend



Sheila Wormer's show "I Feng Shui-ed My Suitcase" is a wonderfully exciting one woman marathon, with such a fantastic variety of music, dance, nostalgia, comedy and more. There is something for everyone, and although Sheila exudes sensuality, with her exquisite voice and astonishing figure, everything is done tastefull, and truly is a show for the whole family. My granddaughters loved it and keep asking me to take them to see Sheila perform again. A truly thrilling Singer/Actor/Dancer, Sheila keeps you engaged every second of her performance!!!!

Paulette Singer---NYC



I was deeply impressed with the extraordinary, exciting and extremely professional story, singing, acting and dancing of Sheila Wormer in"I Feng Shui-ed My Suitcase". The evening was truly delightful and very entertaining from the second the show started, to the last note sung. I am certain that anyone who has the pleasure of attending this show, will really enjoy it and feel that their time was well spent. What a lovely and memorable night it was!!  L.J.May---Indianapolis, IN



First we had the young Sheila Wormer, the ingenue with the lilting soprano voice that graced both the opera and modern musical theater. Now we have the matured Sheila, with the urgency of life behind and within her, in her one woman show, embracing a world of song, dance, innocence, and drama. Sheila provides her audience with the pain and sorrow of loss, and the exhuberance of joy as she attains her dreams. I loved Sheila's one woman odyssey. It is not just wonderful entertainment, but the true essence of life's diverse pathways.

Lynn Shivek---NYC



Like a healing shiatsu massage for your soul. An emotional roller-coaster ride. This thoroughly delightful evening had me laughing till I cried and then crying till I laughed. Turns the concept of "turning lemons into lemonade" into a gourrmet feast. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you will fall in love with this performer! Ladies keep your dates on a short leash. THIS IS ONE HOT PERFORMER AND A SIZZLING SHOW!

by Melinda Hopkins---NYC---Life Coach and Singer about Sheila Wormer in "I Feng Shui-ed My Suitcase"



Not only did Sheila Wormer 'Feng Shui HER Suitcase', but also the hearts and souls of all who saw the show " I Feng Shui-ed My Suitcase". As she revealed her story, I felt she was narrating mine. She rearranged pieces of her story through the magic of song, dance tears and laughter. Sheila's voice expresses in song what so many of us want to express with out lives. Her graceful body reminds us that we are whole and that we can be healed by music, dance, and most of all: LOVE!! See this show, not only so you can experience a magnificent talent, but also to celebrate life's journey at it's deepest.  Jesus Rivera---Washington, DC